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After a stint working in a law firm in New York City, Janice and her husband left to find adventure in Italy. Some months later they arrived in Paris in an old orange camper. Instead of returning home she settled in Montmartre long before Amélie Poulain made that neighborhood trendy, taught law and practiced her French in local bistros.


Interested in people with fresh ideas, she founded an international speaker bureau where she worked with some larger-than-life personalities. The books in the series FRENCH DECEPTION grew out of her decades of living, working and traveling in France.

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Janice graduated from Cornell University and NYU Law School. She began her professional life working in a law firm, but after a few years, adventure – in the form of a trip to Italy – beckoned. Six months later, she and her husband drove north to Paris in an old orange camper. Instead of returning home, Janice settled in Montmartre long before Amélie Poulain made that neighborhood fashionable. A job teaching international public and private law at the Université de Paris I Law School opened up. In the evenings, she practiced her French in local bistros. Next, she ran study abroad programs, including Parsons School of Design in Paris, and traveled to Africa to lecture on the U.S. constitution. When abroad, she was an honored guest at dinner; when she returned home, her husband reminded her to change the baby’s diapers.


In 2001, at the start of the new millennium Janice founded Thought Leaders International, an international speaker bureau. She has booked talent for hundreds of events and it’s no exaggeration to say that she’s encountered more than a few memorable personalities.


After living in Paris for many years, Janice decided one day that it was time for a change in the weather, and a few months later she was on a TGV heading to Marseilles. Same country, two very different life styles: Paris, the cold, white, elegant north, Marseilles, the warm, golden, lusty south. In between, Janice has spent much time in Lyon and Toulouse, two other cities with a rich architectural and cultural heritage.


Janice says, “my goal in writing the series FRENCH DECEPTION was to tell a story that was an authentic, unsentimental take on French society, where he protagonists’ adventures are viewed through the prism of these four cities. Paris was a good place to start, but I wanted to inspire my readers to go farther afield, to visit and experience the richness of les provinces.”

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